• Research modular platform Nanolab
    nanolab 1
    Research modular platform Nanolab scheme

Research modular platform Nanolab consists of several interconnected ultrahigh vacuum modules, including:

- module of X-ray and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopystrelka

Module of ultraviolet and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy is used for analytical diagnostics of electronic energy and spin structure of synthesized nanosystems with simultaneous correction of details of technological treatment. 

- module of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopystrelka

UHV module of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscope with system of imaging technological operations is designed to monitor the results of nanotechnological operations, to study structure of nanoobjects with atomic resolution.

This research platform allows to solve synthesis and diagnostic tasks for nano-objects with description of processes at the atomic level, and analysis of fine features of the electronic energy and spin structure of nano-objects facilitating the creation of cutting-edge technologies and research in the most modern and relevant areas of nanoelectronics (including graphene) and spintronics.


Spectrometer ESCALAB 250Xi is considered as the modern complex of electron spectroscopic equipment that can solve most of the modern diagnostic-type tasks of the synthesized organic and inorganic materials.


- module of photoelectron spectroscopy  

- module of mass-spectrometry  

- module of optical spectrometry  

- femtosecond and nanosecond laser systems


The station is designed for applying coatings by magnetron sputtering.