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Module of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy (platform Nanolab)


- UHV chamber with a scanning probe microscope Omicron VT AFM XA 50/500, allowing the study of the surface structure with atomic resolution in a wide temperature range;

- UHV chamber for sample preparation with equipment for thin film deposition and control their parameters by methods of LEED and Auger spectroscopy.

Сканирующий зондовый микроскоп  Omicron VT AFM  XA 50/500 Advantages of module of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy:

- Scanning of the surface of samples with atomic resolution in ultrahigh vacuum (1-2 • 10-10 mbar) conditions,

- Scanning of the sample at temperatures range from 50 to 500 K,

- Modes of a scanning tunneling microscope and atomic force microscope (contact and noncontact modes),

- Possibility of deposition of substances on surface of the sample during the experiment when sample is on the microscope stage

- The possibility of preparing W tips "in situ" by electron bombardment,

- Sample synthesys by "in situ" methods of local molecular and atomic epitaxy with control of layer thickness with a precision up to parts of a monolayer, of atomic layer deposition and chemical assembly.



Production year: 2012

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