Platform consists of seven interconnected ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) modules which are equipped by:
1. Photoelectron spectrometer for studying of chemical composition of nanoparticles on a surface of solids, including:

- UHV chamber with hemispherical energy analyzer VG Scienta R4000 with microchannel detector, 5-axis motorized manipulator with possibility of cooling by liquid nitrogen, narrow-band high-intensity ultraviolet light source VUV 5k with monochromator and retractable capillary, X-ray radiation source with dual anode Al/Mg wih power 350/500 W;
- flood gun for surface charge removal with electron energy of 2-500 eV and current up to 100 µA; 
- low energy electron source up to 300 eV with energy resolution +/- 0.1 eV and beam current up to 100 µA (methods of inverse photoemission and LEED);
- high energy raster electron source up to 10 keV with focusing up to 0.5 mkm and scintillation detector (methods of scanning electron microscopy and Auger-spectroscopy);
- raster ion source with energies 0.15-5 keV.
- pressure in analytical chamber during measurements is not higher than 1-2*10-10 mbar;
- 5-axis manipulator with sample cooling up to liquid nitrogen temperature;
- preparation chamber, storage chamber and load-lock chamber, equipped with device for UHV cleavage of samples and device for preliminary degasing of sample surface by galogen lamp radiation. 
Production year: 2007.
2. Time-of-flight mass-spectrometer RFT10B, including:
- drift tube with gridless ion mirror; 
- ion source EIIS with electron ionization and assembly for input of laser radiation;
- ion source for MALDI ionization MAS2;
- device for focusing and transport of ions to drift tube for implementation of MALDI method in mode of sumultaneously irradiation of surface by laser beam and electron beam.
 positive and negative ions measurements in mass range of at least 20000 Daltons, resolution better than 10000 with m/z ratio 400 Daltons and sensivity of 1 ppm level;
- chamber for preparation of clasters and nanoparticles in gas phase.
Production year: 2007. 
3Photoelectron time-of-flight spectrometer 7003 MBES III (UHV version), including:
- ionization chamber;
- drift tube with double shielding for Earth magnetic field compensation;
- magnetic coil forming magnetic field in ionization field not less than 1 Tesla and magnetic field in drift tube 10-3 Tesla;
- electrostatic lens system for focusing and transport of electrons to drift tube;
- detection assembly based on coupled microchannel plates for signal registration in pulse mode.
- highly effective collection of photoelectrons in a solid angle 2Π;
- suppression of secondary "parasitic" electrons up to level of 10-5 of the number of primary electrons;
- resolution of at least 10 meV for photoelectrons with energies 0.2-10 eV;
- resolution of at least 1 meV in ZEKE spectroscopy mode.
Production year: 2007.
4. Thermal desorption spectrometer (TDS spectrometer), including:
- quadrupole mass spectrometer SRS RGA300;
- EF 40C1 – SET - two effussion sources with controlled evaporation temperature in range up to 1500 °С;
- EBV 40A1 – SET - electron-beam evaporator;
- two ion sources IS 40E1 - SET and IS 40C1.
Production year: 2007.
5. Optical spectrometer for operating in wavelength range from vacuum ultraviolet to infrared region, including:
- vacuum monochromator McPherson Model 225 NOVA for studying emission spectra;
- three diffraction grids (600, 1200 and 2400 slits/mm).
- spectral range 30–1200 nm;
- mechanism for automatic change of diffraction grids without breaking vacuum conditions.
Production year: 2007.
6. Nanosecond laser system Quantel with pump laser and two tunable dye lasers.
Production year: 2008.
7. Femtosecond laser system Amplitude Technology with pump laser and parametric amplifier TOPAS. Laser system provides generation of pulses of 40 fs duration with energies up to 10 mJ with wavelength 790 nm.
- parametric amplifier TOPAS provides continious tuning of generation wavelength of femtosecond system in range from 220 nm to 1.5 mkm;
- generator ATFsG800 of 2,3 and 4 harmonics for providing stable radiation at wavelengths 400 nm, 267 nm and 200 nm in femtosecond range.
Production year: 2007.