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Module of X-ray and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (platform Nanolab)


- UHV chamber with a hemispherical energy analyzer VG Scienta R4000 with microchannel detector and 3D spin Mott detector with a motorized 6-axes manipulator with possibility of cooling by liquid helium, with a narrowband high-intensity UV light source VUV 5k with retractable capillary, with monochromatized X-ray source MX 650;

- UHV chamber for sample preparation completed with equipment for thin film deposition and ion profiling of samples, low-energy electron diffractometer OCI BDL800IR with optics for Auger electron spectroscopy.

Analitical chamber of Nanolab

Advantages of module of photoelectron spectroscopy:

- Pressure in the analytical chamber during measurements is not higher than 1-2 • 10-10 mbar,

- High energy (<1.8 meV) and angular (<0.1 °) resolution of the analyzer,

- Six-axis manipulator Prevac with cooling of sample up to 30 K,

- flash-machine with heating to a temperature up to 2300 K for atomic surface purity of single crystals of refractory metals,

- Sample synthesis "in situ" by methods of local molecular and atomic epitaxy with control of layer thickness with precision up to parts of monolayer, of atomic layer deposition and chemical assembly.



Production year: 2012

Technical description

Links to websites of manufacturers: PREVAC sp. z o.o. (Multi-technique UHV surface analysis system [project 338]) and VG Scienta